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Application process

Application process

We’ve put together some information to guide you through every step of the application process and make it as easy as possible for you.

Preparing your application

We know applying for a role can be daunting, which is why we’ve put together some hints and tips to help you along the way.

  • Please try and make your application as clear for us as possible. If you’re submitting a CV and cover letter please ensure you use an easy to read font.
  • Read and make sure you understand the question before writing your answer. It might sound simple and we’ve tried to make the questions as clear and comprehensive as possible for you but it’s important always worth double checking.
  • Use the job description as a basis for your application and keep referring back to it. The essential and desirable criteria are an outline of what we’re looking for. If you’re submitting a CV and cover letter please ensure it is structured to evidence your fit against the essential and desirable criteria.
  • We suggest you use the essential and desirable criteria as headings and address each one in turn. This enables you to provide us with clear examples of how you’ve demonstrated these qualities.
  • Don’t just give a brief description of what you’ve done. As well as what you did, we’re looking for how and why you did it and the outcome of your action. For example if one of the criteria is to demonstrate effective team working, you should provide detailed evidence of what you did within a team. Did you lead the team at any stage? How and why did you do this? How did you ensure the team met their target?
  • You might find it useful to apply the CAR approach when completing your application, that’s:

              Context: briefly describe the situation,

              Action: state what you did, why you did it and how you did it,

              Result: what the outcome was and what the evidence of this was.

  • We’d also love to hear about how your actions have benefited customers or colleagues so please include details of any feedback you’ve received.