Our commitment to your development
means you'll be constantly moving forwards

What we offer

We don’t just want to be recognised as the best weather and climate service in the world, we want to be recognised as the best employer too. Our people are the principal element to all that we do. They underpin our success and lead us forward. To attract, maintain and develop the very best people, we put a lot of effort into rewarding and recognising their contribution and achievements. In addition to employee discounts, we’ve a generous rewards and benefits package open to all of our employees. The package is varied, just like our work – with a range of options and choices, there’s something for everyone here.

  • Learning and career development
  • Diversity and equality
  • Your lifestyle and flexible working
  • Who we work with
  • Our commitment to sustainability
  • Your rewards

Learning and career development

We invest in people. From our ground-breaking scientists and our highly accurate weather forecasters, to our all-important corporate services teams, we are absolutely committed to developing our employees. And we understand that your career goals may be completely different to someone else’s. That’s why we’ll give you all the support you need to navigate and plan your career the way you want it. Our 12 Professional Skills Frameworks range from meteorology to HR. They define our career options and help us to help you to get the most from your career. With hard work and dedication, the Met Office will give you the support and opportunities needed to make your career aspirations come true. Don’t just take our word for it, our Investors in People status speaks for itself.

When you start your career with us, you’ll work with your line manager to put together a development plan. Instead of giving you a generic outline of what we expect, we’ll look at how you can apply your individual skills to get the most from your role. How you progress is up to you: you may wish to work your way into management or you may prefer to enhance and broaden your skills instead. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience different departments and progress into other areas of the Met Office too.

Diversity and equality

Individuals make big things happen at the Met Office. They break new ground, turn incredible ideas into reality and deliver the meteorological services that millions of people around the world rely on. That’s why we treat our people as individuals. We value and appreciate everyone’s differences. They make us who we are.

We’re committed to embracing and encouraging diversity. We want to maintain a culture that values difference and ability. A culture that promotes openness, fairness and transparency. We recruit based on your talent and ability to do the job, it’s that simple. 

For you, we promise to ensure that there are no barriers in our policies, procedures or environment that stop you from working to the best of your ability. We pride ourselves on being a positive, fair working environment. And we want our people to be as varied and diverse as the products and services we offer across the world.

Have a look at our Employee diversity infographic, which uses data collected from our Diversity Declaration (launched in 2012) to see how we are working towards being a diverse organisation. 

At the Met Office, we:

  • afford dignity, trust and respect to all;
  • are aware of the effect of our behaviour on others and make reasonable and manageable demands;
  • communicate honestly and openly, clearly stating what we mean and expect;
  • provide honest feedback based on evidence and we’re open to challenge and constructive criticism;
  • seek and are receptive to feedback, and we’re open to changing our behaviour where appropriate;
  • work together to create a positive environment, to enable us all to perform to the best of our ability.

Our achievements

We are committed to embracing and encouraging diversity at the Met Office. Read a few examples of some of our achievements over the last few months. 

September 2013

Following our annual assessment, we have met the required standard to retain the Two Tick Disability Symbol User status, which recognises the Met Office’s commitment to good practice in employing people with disabilities.

February 2013

We move up one place to fourth (out of 311) on Sitemorse assessment for our web site accessibility. To give it some context, Sitemorse regularly conducts surveys of public and corporate organisations. They survey sites based on function, accessibility, code quality, performance, email, metadata and PDFs. In their own words "Sitemorse offers independent, authoritative and accountable software to ensure the quality, compliance, performance, availability and compatibility of your web estate."

See the Met Office position and details on the Quarter 4 2012 results for UK Central Government.

November 2012

Our top-level scores on our annual Employee Attitude Survey (EAS) were very positive overall. The scores for all but one of the nine engagement driver themes in the survey have increased in the last year. Positive responses to Diversity related questions have also increased. The largest increase is in 'Leadership and Managing Change' (up 8%). This is an area we have found to be a challenge in the past, in terms of changing employee perception, so this progress is especially welcome.

June 2012

Bray Leino is appointed as our new provider of Diversity and Equality Training for both employees and managers.

Your lifestyle and flexible working


It’s never too early – or too late - to save for your future. Working with us, you’ll automatically qualify to join our Nuvos pension scheme, part of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme. The scheme offers a defined benefit pension, recognised as one of the most generous occupational pensions on the market. As well as the pension, you’ll be entitled to a range of other benefits through the scheme. Find out more at the Civil Service Pensions website

Annual leave and time off

Everyone needs some time out now and again. On top of 27.5 days’ annual leave, we’ll give you all eight Bank Holidays off. And the longer you work with us, the more holiday you build up. After five years, you’ll enjoy a generous 32.5 days’ holiday.

We also appreciate that there may be times when you need some extra time off. We’ll give you leave for maternity, adoption, paternity and domestic emergencies. We’ll also do whatever we can to accommodate time off that you need for voluntary activities or special events.

Flexible working

Life can be busy and unpredictable. So, we’ll try to be as flexible around yours as we can. We’re happy to discuss flexible working arrangements such as job shares, term-time arrangements, compressed hours and flexi-time. Where possible, we’ll be as adaptable as we can to make things easier for you.


We’re committed to looking after you personally, as well as taking good care of your career. And not just ticking health and safety boxes: we want to ensure that whatever you’re doing with the Met Office, you’re in a positive, safe, healthy environment. We want each and every one of our employees to be able to thrive, develop and work to the best of their abilities. That’s why we offer a range of wellbeing services: from free eye tests for Visual Display Unit (VDU) users, to an occupational welfare programme. And if there’s anything else we can do to support you, rest assured we’ll do our best.

Other benefits

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to benefits. Some of you will be most interested in our childcare vouchers, whereas others will want to snap up a brand new bike from our cycle to work scheme. That’s why we offer such a wide range of benefits – so there’s something for everyone.

Who we work with

Our work goes far beyond every day weather forecasts. We partner with organisations all around the world to deliver fundamental projects and help overseas countries adapt to the effects of weather and climate change. These range from building state-of-the-art radars to detecting and managing climate hazards which could seriously harm communities. Some of our many partners include the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), The Nile Forecasting Centre, Caribbean Meteorological Organisation, Vietnam’s Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) and Met Service Singapore. In the UK, we work closely with a range of organisations UK such as Defra, Environment Agency and The Science Museum, as well as a number of academic and research outlets.

Right now, we’re working on the most significant environmental project to come out of Europe in the last 20 years. GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) is a joint initiative with European Commission and European Space Agency to integrate in-situ satellite data and produce better, more accessible services for environment and civil security. The areas we’re working on include atmospheric composition, emergency response, marine forecasting and land monitoring. But these are just a few examples - read more about our ever-evolving partnerships and projects on our website.

Our commitment to sustainability

We appreciate that the operations of our organisation can have impacts and we’re absolutely committed to behaving in a responsible, sustainable way. Sustainability is far from just a buzzword for us, it’s our ethos. We will never compromise the environment, the community or our people to achieve our objectives. We promise to minimise our environmental impact, act in a positive way towards our staff and customers and maximise our contribution to the wider community. Our main website has more information on our commitment to sustainability.

The Staff Travel Plan (STEP)

When we moved to Exeter, we did not want our workforce, which is around 2,000, to have a detrimental effect on the environment or the existing transport network. We’ve a white fleet of 35 low-emission, modern vehicles which staff are encouraged to use for business travel. We encourage staff members that live near each other to car share; reducing travel costs and carbon emissions. There are also a number of buses that frequently service our headquarters, and our cycle to work scheme helps staff to purchase a bicycle and make the most of our stunning rural surroundings whilst keeping fit and cycling to us. Our main website has more information about STEP.

Your rewards

Our people work hard, there’s no doubt about that. Whether they’re forecasting the weather that millions of customers rely on, or working behind-the-scenes at our Exeter HQ, our people consistently deliver a world class service. Our rewards and benefits structures are clear, transparent and in line with our corporate expectations in terms of behaviours and contribution and achievement of our colleagues. We recognise and reward hard work based on three key areas:

  • Your capability (what you know) – the skills and expertise that you bring to the job and how you apply them effectively;
  • Your behaviour (how you go about doing your work) – your interpersonal skills and behaviours you use to achieve your work objectives;
  • Your achievements (what you produce and deliver) – the effective use of your skills to produce valuable results for the benefit of your team and organisation.

Competitive salary

We use external market and internal data to help us carefully determine the right pay range for each job. Rewards are based on your contribution to the organisation. As you grow and develop with the Met Office, we’ll review and assess your pay level within the pay range for your role.  We conduct regular, ongoing performance reviews and development discussions so you can talk about any training or progression you’re interested in.

Performance related pay

We don’t believe in over-complicated, impossible-to-achieve performance schemes. Our performance awards are clear, open and designed to provide obtainable rewards for everyone’s hard work. Our personal awards are all about you and how you meet your objectives. On top of it all, we have healthy Corporate Performance pay on offer.