This is world-leading diversity

Careers in Project Delivery

This is world-leading diversity

Careers in Project Delivery

World-class support in a
world-leading organisation

In this incredible organisation of world-leading science and life-changing research, the Project Delivery teams are responsible for making sure every plan, idea and ambition is delivered on time, on quality, and on budget. If you’re looking for projects with purpose, at the Met Office we work to address some of the biggest challenges the world is facing. And the variety and scope of opportunity within the Project Delivery teams is second to none.

Current vacancies
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Project Delivery
at the Met Office

From supporting the construction of a new radar system to delivering a brand-new Supercomputer, the variety of projects you could be working on is staggering. The work could be for internal projects, but equally, you may find yourself working directly with a team supporting any of our global customers. Our membership of the Government Project Delivery Profession gives our people the support and frameworks they need to develop their career in a highly respected profession across the Civil Service. Changing technology is creating opportunities to further enhance our world-leading credibility and whatever you work on will be helping people around the globe to make better decisions to stay safe and thrive.

The types of projects you could be working on

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Delivering a new Supercomputer

A huge cross-organisational effort, calling on expertise from across the Met Office. Developed in partnership with Microsoft with investment from the UK government, our supercomputer is among the world’s most advanced dedicated weather and climate systems. Improving forecasting of severe weather, climate change and their impact on our world.

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Weather and Climate Information Services

This programme has been providing pioneering support and driving transformational change in the quality, accessibility and use of weather and climate data since its inception in 2015. Now covering the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, these programmes support decision-making and build resilience to climate change at a local, national and regional level.

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The Wessex Convection Experiment

This experiment focuses on understanding the dynamic aspects of convection to provide data when developing next-generation kilometre-scale and urban-scale models. Current experiments involve the use of The FAAM Airborne Laboratory, BAe 146 aircraft, Wardon Hill Radar Station and Radiosonde Observations amongst others.

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Weather Radar Network Renewal Project

A major investment in new weather radar systems and technology. Replacing 15 existing radars with the latest technology. Offering a radar service with real-time, information-gathering capability as we monitor and forecast heavy rainfall. Extending the operational life of the network by a further 15-20 years.

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Investing in your development

The 'Project Delivery Capability Framework' is for all Project Delivery Professionals or aspiring professionals. It describes the job roles, capabilities and learning for all project delivery professionals across Government, signposting the career pathways throughout. Working with the framework is just one part of the way we invest in your development and progression. Delivering projects surrounded by world-changing work and world-class learning.

More about the Project Delivery Capability Framework

Meet some of the team

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Gaby Wright

Project Delivery Team Leader

I love the Met Office values! I have worked for 30 years in the Public Sector but never before experienced an institution with such a mix of experts from different disciplines all working together for the organisational purpose. I've also never seen such a huge emphasis placed on work/life balance. The enormity, breadth, depth and reach of what lies across the organisation, is breath taking; it really does help people to stay safe and thrive at every level across the world.

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Tom James

Products and Services Sub-Portfolio Manager

The WISER programme is an incredible project which delivers transformational change in the quality, accessibility and use of weather and climate information services to support sustainable development in Africa. When I joined, I wanted to contribute to people's opportunities to adapt to and mitigate climate change. I've influenced, implemented and embedded considerable change, supporting the team as it transitioned through different phases and different Programme Managers. I feel like my work makes a real difference.

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Anya Oliver

Project Manager, Space Weather IT

One of the best questions I'm asked is, 'What do you do?' I work in Space Weather which is fascinating and exciting! I've learned so much since joining 18 months ago. I've gained my first-ever formal Project Management qualification and I'm part of a team of great colleagues in a vibrant work culture. I've been a project manager for many years, but in the Met Office, I have a much bigger Projects, Programmes and Portfolio support structure.

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Ellie Downton

Project Manager (previously Project Management Apprentice)

I arrived in 2021 as a project management apprentice and the Met Office was my first employer when I finished university. I worked in the Defence Capability Programme learning the profession first-hand whilst working towards my project management qualification. After I finished in September 2023, I was promoted to a permanent level one project manager position. I now work on a huge range of projects such as Joint Agency Modelling, Change Readiness, Public Weather Service, and Financial Efficiencies.