This is a world-changing opportunity

Foundation Operational Meteorologist

This is a world-changing opportunity

Foundation Operational Meteorologist

World-class development.
Real-world impact.

From our observations to the science and technology that helps simulate and predict the weather forecast, our Operational Meteorology teams help individuals, industry and governments around the world prepare for tomorrow and beyond. Foundation Operational Meteorology is our industry-leading learning pathway for aspiring Operational Meteorologists. The pathway is a blend of trainer-led learning and assessments, combined with practical experience providing real-time services for real customers. And once you’re qualified you’ll be at the heart of the Met Office’s operations, using our state-of-the-art technology and weather information to support our partners across a range of fascinating sectors.

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World-class training


You will receive training from our globally recognised People Development Team which will be a blend of virtual and face-to-face learning. During your 4-week induction, you’ll obtain your Aeronautical Meteorological Observer qualification and develop your initial skills ready for beginning the job. You’ll gain the key skills and experience to kick start your Operational Meteorology career, covering topics such as basic understanding of the atmosphere, frontal systems and airmasses (and their influence on weather and climate) and how this links to synoptic charts. You’ll cover key weathers like wind and fog, and will have an introduction to numerical weather prediction, radar and satellite imagery. You’ll be shown how to understanding guidance and will learn how to complete basic weather briefings.

On-the-job training

With further on-the-job training, you’ll quickly build your confidence and experience working operationally at locations across the network. You’ll gain a thorough grounding in meteorology to understanding the impact of the weather on different customers to being proactive and able to balance workloads. Your technical and theoretical meteorology training will be tailored to meet your needs, based on your previous skills, experience and expertise.

Continual assessment

You’ll be assessed at various check points to ensure you display the competency level required to meet the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) required Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists (BIP-M) to become a qualified Operational Meteorologist.

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Your day-to-day activities

Working within our Weather Impacts and Advice sector, you’ll deliver services to a range of users whilst gaining experience across our operational network.

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Carrying out flight-safety critical routine and special weather observations or launching radiosondes at Defence locations.

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Preparing briefs, creating charts and producing outlook forecasts and reports such as TAFs, Airfield Warnings, Cross Sections or PWS scripts. Working autonomously or under supervision from an Operational Meteorologist.

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Real-time data analysis, including interpreting weather observations and model data to support a constant weather watch across the network.

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Using knowledge of user or sector needs, gained through continuous engagement to be able to tailor information to their requirements, and brief customers ranging from aircrew to operations staff to Air Traffic Control.

Mobile Met Unit

Joining our Meteorology pathway, you’ll have the opportunity to join the Mobile Meteorological Unit (MMU), a Sponsored Reserve unit of the Royal Air Force. This will mean that you're available to deploy on exercises and operations across the world to provide weather and climate services. If you choose to join, you’ll go through the RAF recruitment process which has several stages including an interview, medical assessment and fitness test, all culminating in a one-day assessment at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre at RAF Cranwell.

You'll be supported by our recruitment officer, your Mobile Meteorological Unit colleagues and a mentor throughout. On completing your RAF recruitment process, you'll attend the Basic Recruits Training Course and Reserve Officer Initial Training course, where you’ll learn your military skills and put them into practice in both field and classroom environments. At the end of the training, you'll graduate on the parade square with your RAF colleagues. When you've completed all your training, you'll be ready to be deployed as a Senior Operational Meteorologist (MMU) on short-term operations and exercises around the world. A busy and exciting time, full of new experiences and challenges.

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Where you’ll be based

As a Foundation Operational Meteorologist, you’ll have chance to build your knowledge of the Met Office and all our services and customers by working with different teams at a variety of locations. You’ll spend time at our Civil and Defence locations across the UK, and there maybe opportunities to work at one of our overseas Defence locations. Preferences of location may be considered but business needs will take priority and you’ll need to be flexible in this mobile role. You also may be able to move around locations during your time as a Foundation Operational Meteorologist either for your own personal development or as required to meet business needs.

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What you'll need



A 2:2 degree (or higher) in Meteorology, Physical Science, Mathematics or Engineering. A-level Mathematics or Physics, or the direct equivalent.



A keen interest in weather, the climate and the impact it has on our everyday lives.



A passion for building relationships, solving problems and working closely with customers.



A desire for personal growth, professional development and a world-changing career.

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