This is
world-protecting work

We are the Met Office

This is
world-protecting work

We are the Met Office

Who we are

Across the globe and around the clock. On TV and online. Our critical weather forecasts and groundbreaking climate science help individuals plan for today, and the world prepare for tomorrow. Using supercomputing technology and world-leading expertise, every day we help millions of people make better decisions to stay safe and thrive.

We are the Met Office. This is world-changing work.

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What is meteorology?

For thousands of years, people have been fascinated by meteorology, the science of weather, climate and the Earth’s atmosphere. Since the Met Office’s foundation in 1854, we have pioneered the science of meteorology and its application. To this day, we continue to push the boundaries of science and technology, so that we can meet the demands of today and the future. We are a key part of the weather and climate community, uniting scientific leaders from every corner of the globe, delivering extraordinary impact and benefit to the world around us.

Today, our scientists study and predict what tomorrow's climate will look like. We push the boundaries of supercomputing technology and world-leading data prediction models to help people make better decisions every day and protect our planet for tomorrow.

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Our purpose...

We’re passionate about our purpose to help people make better decisions to stay safe and thrive in a rapidly changing world. And we know that we only make an impact when our data, products, services and advice, get into the hands of those who are going to use it and shape their lives around it.

Download 'Our strategy 2019-2024' doc (PDF 2.6MB)

and our strategic anchors

Excellent people and culture

We will lead and invest in our people and culture to make the Met Office a great place to work for all.

Exceptional science, technology and operations

We will push the boundaries of scientific, technological and operational expertise to meet current and future grand challenges.

Extraordinary impact and benefit

We will focus everything we do on delivering greater benefit and impact to our customers.

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What we do makes a real difference

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Daily weather observations

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Tailored daily forecasts

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2,900 +

Global institutions we’ve co-authored science papers with

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Trillion calculations per second on our 14 petaflops supercomputer

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380 +

Operational meteorologists

Our vision...

"We want to be bold about how far-reaching and ambitious we should be, and really focus on staying fit for the future at a time of change."
Penny Endersby, Chief Executive.

We will always strive to be among the world’s best national weather and climate services. We want to maintain our leading role, and for our science, our technology, and our services to be more widely recognised, not just by our peers but by national and global stakeholders. We need to work together to stay ahead as the world in which we operate changes, whether that is the technology we use, the needs of our customers and partners or the very climate itself.

Our values are our guiding principles, they’re what we live by each day, what we stand for and why our work matters to us, and to the world.

and our values

We’re a force for good

Our planet matters. The time is now, and we’re the people to make a difference. That’s why we take our environment and social impact seriously.

We’re experts by nature

It’s in our nature to be curious - always learning and developing to do things better. We trust in each other’s expertise and take pride in being the best in our field.

We live and breathe it

Helping people make better decisions to stay safe and thrive is what we live for. Their lives guide our decisions, and their trust guides our actions.

We’re better together

Great minds don’t always think alike. And we like it that way. We believe partnerships, inclusivity and honesty make us greater than the sum of our parts.

We keep evolving

When we’re not looking up, we look ahead. We push the boundaries to make tomorrow better for our customers. Forecasting the future is one thing. Creating it is another.

A responsible organisation

We know we’re a force for good with the products and services we deliver day in and day out, making sure that people stay safe and thrive now and into the 21st century. But there are other ways to bring this value to life too and demonstrate how we go above and beyond. From the way we manage our buildings and grounds to the way we travel and what we procure, we continually seek to reduce our environmental impact and look for ways to make a positive, sustainable difference to our planet and to our economy.

We also aim to inspire people of all ages to discover more about who we are, what we do and the impact we have, both on our own and with our partners around the UK and beyond. We want to support the next generation to survive and thrive in a changing world. And at the heart of all we do are our people, and we want to be a force for good for them, too.

More about our commitment to sustainability
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Our awards and recognition

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Great Place to Work

Accreditation by Great Place to Work UK

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National Centre for Diversity

Investors in Diversity Award

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Great Place to Work

Best Workplace for Women

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Great Place to Work

Best Workplace in Tech

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Business Disability Forum


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Department for Work and Pensions

Signed up to the Disability Confident scheme

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Mindful Employer

Recognised as a mindful employer