This is next-generation work

Careers in Technology

This is next-generation work

Careers in Technology

Technology at
the Met Office

Everything we do at the Met Office is underpinned by technology. If you have a passion for technology, we have a place for you. With opportunities for dev and ops ranging from Mobile to Supercomputers to On Prem to Cloud, and everything in between! We provide trusted IT services services which help people make better decisions to stay safe and thrive. Our technology is is crucial to deliver the best in weather warnings and predictions to millions of people every day, across the globe and around the clock.

And as the world changes, the acceleration of automation, AI and machine learning is helping us develop the next generation of weather and climate prediction accuracy. Working with cutting edge technology including one of the most powerful supercomputers of its kind, our focus is to keep evolving our services and cloud capabilities to lead the world in weather, climate and environmental science products and services

Current vacancies
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Our technology teams

Whilst we have our core teams related to Architecture, Development, Delivery and IT Support, the roles within technology are now so vast and varied that it is becoming impossible to characterise them into set ‘teams’. With over 30 different role types, and more emerging all the time, we are proud to be an agile team of experts who are evolving with, and often ahead of, the pace of technology change.

As an organisation that pushes the boundaries of technology, we work with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. You will find yourself working on cutting-edge developments from supercomputing to cloud and networks to machine learning. This also extends to partnerships with key collaborators in weather and climate. We work across national boundaries to create an environment to share data, ideas and expertise – without which, we simply couldn’t do what we do.

The types of projects you could be working on

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Our new supercomputer, developed in partnership with Microsoft, is being used for ground-breaking climate change modelling, unleashing the full potential of the Met Office’s global expertise in climate science.

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Supporting Operational Meteorology

Our state of the art visualisation systems allows Meteorologists to view huge volumes of data. Analysing the weather in real-time. Providing provide critical, safety-of-life products and services to the World.

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Cloud computing

Our key services are now primarily cloud-based, with a specialist team that ensures their security and cost-effectiveness. While working with major cloud providers to take advantage of the latest capabilities.

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Delivering Weather Warnings

Our next-generation National Severe Weather Warning Service (NSWWS). We use cutting-edge technologies to quickly and reliably provide advance notice of impactful weather to help emergency responders, industry, and the public to prepare.


Investing in you

With such unique and demanding systems and applications, not to mention our specific focus on weather and climate science products and services, we know that starting at the Met Office can be eye-opening and daunting. Whatever your role. That’s why we focus on developing your skills in the right way. Giving you the latest state-of-the-art tools such as Generative AI, the training, the time and the support for you to build a great career with us. We believe in a healthy blend of continuous learning, on-the-job training and additional formal training opportunities. And we also know the benefit of integrating our team with others across the business. Sharing experiences and knowledge to find solutions that meet the needs of everyone’s tomorrow.

More about what we can offer you

Meet some of the team

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Mathew Gard

Lead Tech Architect

We're an expert voice representing technology and its possibilities working together with other talented people working in data, user design and products. Together, my colleagues and I, drive innovation in new technologies and ensure crucial data is made available for our customers to make decisions that affect their daily lives. The Met Office is a fantastic place to work and grow your career, with a well-defined corporate strategy and values that are embedded into our ways of working.

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Selma Cabo

Senior Developer Management Tech Lead

Working with the Met Office gives me a sense of purpose, and I find it motivating to have a positive impact on many people, helping them to make better decisions to stay safe and thrive. The talented people, sense of community, and the respectful and supportive environment together make the Met Office a great place to work.

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Tom Dufall

Software Developer

I particularly enjoy having a significant amount of autonomy and being able to see the impacts of my work. I've found the Met Office to be a great place to kick-off my career. I've had a lot of opportunities to do on-the-job training, and one of the best things is that from day one I've felt like a valued member of my team.